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Why use Casolve to manage your immigration business?

The platform you can rely on

It shouldn’t be assumed that simply because an application is hosted in the cloud, it’s the right platform for your business since that’s what you’ve been told up to this point. Read More…….
There is a lot that goes behind having a robust and scalable application that can get the job done in the right way. Casolve is a platform with multiple ways to help you get more done in less time and in the right way. Read Less

What questions should you ask before choosing a Case Management System?

You’ve heard how Case management systems can help your business, but do you know the questions you should be asking to evaluate and compare Case management systems?

With multiple cases to manage, it’s important to have a system that can keep track of each one and help you stay organized. Look for a system that can handle the management and tracking of multiple cases, including the assignment of tasks and deadlines.

Tip: Look at a company’s feature pages to see if they have the features you require.

Look for a system that is intuitive and easy to use, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time training yourself or your staff on how to use it.

Tip: Check out the tool’s screenshots or videos to see how simple it is to use. The other option is to sign up for a free trial.

It’s important to ensure that the system can handle an increase in workload without requiring significant changes or disruptions to your practice’s operations. This can help ensure that you’re able to continue working efficiently as your practice grows.

Tip: Learn more about this on the website’s functionality pages or blog section to see if and how they can help your business.

Some case management systems offer support for automated PDF form filling, which can save time and reduce the risk of errors when completing immigration applications and other forms. With this feature, you can fill out forms electronically and automatically populate fields with data from the system, rather than having to manually fill out forms by hand.

Tip: Learn more about this on company’s dedicated page for this functionality.

An audit trail allows you to track changes and activity in the system, such as who made updates to a case or when a document was uploaded. This can be useful for tracking the progress of cases and ensuring that you have a complete record of all activity related to a case. Some case management systems offer a complete audit trail as a built-in feature like Casolve.

Tip: If the company offers this functionality, it should have been explained on the functionality page.

Proper document management is crucial in the immigration consulting field. Look for a case management system that offers tools for organizing and storing documents electronically, as well as the ability to retrieve them easily as needed.

Tip: The Pricing page should have this information or you can refer to the functionality page.

When considering the pricing model for a case management system, you’ll want to consider both the upfront cost of purchasing the system, as well as any ongoing fees for support.

Tip: This information should be clearly explained in the pricing page of the company.

Look for a system that offers robust support and training resources to help you get up and running quickly and efficiently.

Tip: Please be sure to look for a Case management system that offers exceptional free support. Also, check out their knowledge base to see how deeply they have covered their tool.

safe and secure

Compare Case Management Systems

See how Casolve compares to other Case Management options.

Casolve vs Caseasy

Pay less for an intuitive, easier-to-use platform. i.e Casolve.

Casolve vs Officio

Better case management with Casolve.

Casolve vs Disconnected Systems

When the world is moving forward, don't waste time managing disconnected systems like sheets, drives, boxes, notes, and calendars.

Difference between a CRM and a Case Management System (CMS)

Are you engaged in case management and case solving or marketing?

If you selected the former, you require a case management system rather than a CRM system.

Read this to know more- CRM or Case Management: Which One Is For You?

4 warning signs to look out for when evaluating case management systems.

Being able to effectively evaluate (Case management systems) CMS and make an informed choice that will benefit your business, is crucial. However, being aware of the pitfalls to watch out for can also be very beneficial in making the right decision.

4 warning signs

If a platform claims to have a feature or capability that it doesn’t actually have, it can cause significant issues for your organization. For example, if a platform claims to be able to automatically transfer data from the platform to a PDF form, but in reality they are doing it manually. This should be a major concern for you.

If you want to see how much a Case management platform has been improved and innovated, take a look at the company’s recent updates. You can find this information on their website. The more often they release updates, the more you can tell they are working to make their product better.

Having someone to help you when you need it is really important. Before signing up with a company, try their customer support by contacting them. If they take a long time to answer, they probably won’t be able to help you quickly if something goes wrong with your business.

A good CMS(Case management systems) platform should give you a clear and easy view of your business. You can see this by looking at product demonstrations or screenshots. The simpler the dashboard appears, the more likely it is that you and your team will be able to take advantage of the increased ease it provides. Decluttered is the word, that you need to remember.

Safe and Secure

safe and secure

Some of these might sound foreign but these are some of the best things that you should have

State of the art technology

We are all about speed and reliability. We manage all those complicated systems for you, make sure your business runs smoothly. With one of the best infrastructure, we are way ahead of the competition and bring you an even more convenient and



swift experience.

Some companies are still using outdated technologies that are insecure, suffer from performance issues, and are costly to maintain — that is no longer the case with us. We have everything covered for you!

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data comparison
complete audit trail

Automated form fillup

Type once and get all the data filled in the relevant pdf forms within seconds.

Quick and easy setup

With the exceptionally intuitive designed platform and the deep knowledge base, it will take you minutes to get up and running on Casolve.

Simple pricing plans

Plans start at $19/month with all the essential tools you need. Security and exceptional support are always included.

Agreement. Done

Create and use agreement templates in your everyday work with 2 clicks

contract templates

Casolve Free-trial FAQ

Yes, you can easily upgrade and downgrade between plans. Switching between plans can be done at any time in the billing cycle.

During your free trial, you will receive the same level of support as our paying customers, regardless of the plan you choose.

Not at all. During your free trial, you will have access to all of the features that are available to paying customers within the plan you have chosen. Additionally, you will have the ability to switch between any of the Casolve plans while still in the trial period.

Yes, you can invite team members based on the plan you’ve chosen.