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Casolve vs Officio

Casolve vs Officio

The Officio alternative: Casolve - It's a hassle-free way to manage your immigration business.

Casolve, a truly modern platform that streamlines the process of managing immigration applications with less time and money.

Casolve vs Officio



Professional's first Choice

$19 per month


$59 per month

Auto Populate Immigration Forms (even the barcoded ones)
Complete Audit Trail
Customizable Team Roles
Multiple Contact Types
Retainer Builder
Cloud Storage Starts
30 GB
10 GB
Retainer Auto Filler

Additional reasons why Casolve is better.

Well, there are many (covered in the table mentioned above) but now, let's get into details.

1. Fundamentals

We have kept all the functionalities separate but interlinked for better user experience and for better management.

With us, you will experience the power of a true Case Management Platform.

2. Audit Trail/Historical Information

Thanks to our powerful activity recording feature, you can monitor every single happening within your business.

3. Automated form filling

We at Casolve, provide you the complete form automation, you fill in the details in the case, click a button and the forms will get populated automagically. Yes, even the barcoded forms.

It is that simple.

4. Unlimited Visibility

With Casolve, you can view all your records in one go. 

First, do it right. Then, do it fast. Switch to Casolve.